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Reviews of the 21 Most Effective Prayers of the Bible

This is a wonderful book. I have used it as a study in my church small group and each one of us loved it.


Such a blessing and encouragement to pray, using the 21 prayers. Great illustrations from modern times too. Dave Earley is a good storyteller, & keeps the reader involved in every chapter with a challenge at the end of each one.


Love this book and the easy read.


I use the prayers in this book as part of my morning devotions.


Love this book! Each prayer speaks to my soul. Have read it over and over.


This book is a blessing. If you are stuck in your prayer life, there is something in this book that will inspire you to pray. I thank God for these in-depth studies. An awesome book.


This is a very good book for developing a relationship with God. It teaches you how to talk to Him and that it is okay to invite Him in every aspect of your life.


The 21 Most Effective Prayers in the Bible

In The 21 Most Effective Prayers in the Bible, pastor Dave Earley explores the 21 most powerful of these heart-felt prayers that brought results. He shares many personal and modern examples of these prayers in action and offers practical advice and instruction on how you can pray these prayers too . . . and see results! This book will fill you with hope and encourage you to deeper levels of faith in your prayer life.

The 21 Most Effective Prayers in the Bible is a great resource for churches or small groups to use as a 21-day prayer initiative.

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