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About This Event!

The goal of this event is to launch a process of strengthening the prayer lives of people and building the prayer culture of local churches. The event will involve thousands of people praying more than ever during the first 21 days of next year, January 1-21, 2024.

21 Days of Prayer

The event will include:

Prayer meetings and worship events

Prayer meetings and worship events at participating churches.

A Book

A book The 21 Most Effective Prayers of the Bible (300,000+ copies sold). Buy now

A Daily Email

A daily email during January 1-21 to those who register with an email address. Register now

A Daily Video

A daily video based on the book via my Facebook page 

FB live prayer meetings

Photos Of Prayer Meetings

Photos of prayer meetings occurring from around the world 


Providing transformational resources for the church to change the world. 

In January, 2020  God led me to begin posting five-minute daily discipleship videos on Facebook. (Click Here) At the time, I had no idea of the impact of such a ministry. 

But God knew that there would be a global pandemic in March of 2020 and that more people would be online then ever before. Over the next few months, one of our videos was viewed by 730,000 people in 120 nations. Another video saw 600 people respond that they trusted Christ because of watching it. 

Recently the ministry has expanded to also helping orphanages and pioneer church planters. Since most of our viewers are young pastors in poor nations, our big goal is to create a free online School of Ministry for under-resourced global leaders, pastors, church planters and evangelists.

The event will involve thousands of people praying more than ever